30th Festival 2020 / Press resources

Photos of the guest performances

For all photos of the companies that have performed as guests of euro-scene Leipzig from its founding in 1991 – 2019 as well as of the cancelled festival 2020, please direct your requests to Ann-Elisabeth Wolff (wolff@euro-scene.de).

Schubert Theater, Vienna

»F. Zawrel – erbbiologisch und sozial minderwertig«
(»F. Zawrel – genetically and socially inferior«)

Theatre play with puppets

Scenic photos:


Nikolaus Habjan

Nikolaus Habjan

Nikolaus Habjan

A click on the pictures will download one zip archive containing both photography and description
(see also instructions)

Photos of the companies performing in the 2021 festival can probably be downloaded here at the end of June 2021.

All photos can only be used free of cost in the context of reporting on the euro-scene Leipzig and with the following information: year of the guest performance at the euro-scene Leipzig, name of the company, name of the director or choreographer, city, name of the piece, name of the photographer (first and last name). We request that you send a sample copy after publication to the festival office: euro-scene Leipzig, Harkortstraße 10, 04107 Leipzig.

Instructions for downloading the images:

The download will start when you click upon the images or the right mouse button: »Load LINK to Volume.« / »Save LINK to the hard disk.«

All images will come up as a grouped ZIP archive and contain, in addition to the JPEG images (300ppi), a Word file which contains all relevant information about the photographer and the play.

If you have installed no suitable software for the unzipping of the ZIP archive, you can, for example, download and install the free StuffIt Expander for diverse operating systems from the Internet.