27th Festival 2017

Fringe programme

Thursday 09. Nov. // 4.00 – ca. 5.30 p.m.

From 14 years

Passage Kinos

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Film – recording of two choreographies

»Affectos humanos« by Dore Hoyer
& »Der Grüne Tisch« by Kurt Jooss


»Der Grüne Tisch. Ein Totentanz in acht Bildern«

Dore Hoyer



/ »Affectos humanos«
(»Human passions«)

Choreography und dance: Dore Hoyer (Essen, 1962)
Piano and drums: Dimitri Wiatowitsch
Recording: Frankfurt/M., 1963 / Direction: Rudolf Küfner
Production: Hessischer Rundfunk / Duration: 21 minutes

/ »Der Grüne Tisch. Ein Totentanz in acht Bildern«
(»The Green table. A dance of death in eight pictures«)

Choreography: Kurt Jooss (Paris, 1932) / Music: Frederic Cohen
Recording with the Joffrey Ballet of Chicago (2000)
Direction: Thomas Grimm / Production: RM Associates, WTTW and WDR
Germany / Great Britain, 2000 / Duration: 35 minutes

Introduction: Dr. Martina Bako, theatre scholar, Universität Leipzig

Dore Hoyer (1911-67) was one of the most important representatives of German Ausdruckstanz. Her five-part solo cycle »Affectos humanos«, which is based on the Netherland’s philosopher Baruch de Spinozza’s (1632-77) theory of affects, is titled »Eitelkeit« (»Vanity«), »Begierde« (»Lust«), »Hass« (»Hatred«), »Angst« (»Fear«) and »Liebe« (»Love«).

Kurt Jooss (1901-79) created the first »political« ballet in dance history with »Der Grüne Tisch« (»The green table«). It shows negotiations about war and death in an expressionist form. Ten men in black suits, white vests and grotesque masks caustically celebrate »diplomacy« while death repeatedly demonstrates its power.