27th Festival 2017

Main programme

Friday 10. Nov. // 10.00 – ca. 11.30 p.m. (1st round – part I)

From 14 years

Saturday 11. Nov. // 10.00 – ca. 11.30 p.m. (1st round – part II)


Sunday 12. Nov. // 10.00 – ca. 12.00 p.m. (2nd round and award ceremony)


Schauspielhaus / Garderobenfoyer

Per evening € 14.00 (red. € 9.50)

For the 13th time: Competition

»Das beste deutsche Tanzsolo«
(»Best German dance solo«)

The competition »Das beste deutsche Tanzsolo« (»Best German dance solo«) 2017 in the archive

All participants, winners, photos, videos of the final round

Idea und conception:

Alain Platel, Ghent

Artistic direction:

René Reinhardt, Leipzig


/ Katja Erfurth, dancer, choreographer, Board Villa Wigman für Tanz e. V., Dresden

/ Nicole Seiler, choreographer, Lausanne

/ Tobias Prüwer, journalist, Leipzig

/ Christian Watty, Consultant internationale tanzmesse nrw, Düsseldorf

This popular competition comes from Ghent, where, under the title »De Beste Belgische Danssolo«, it was held three times, 1995 – 97, under the direction of the Flemish choreographer Alain Platel. In Leipzig the competition took place from 1997 – 2015 and within the Tanzplattform Deutschland (Dance Platform Germany) 2002. It was such a big success that it will now be presented biennially for the 13th time.

The barriers between professionals and amateurs have been lifted. The criteria are independence, creativity, charisma and individuality. Training, style, age and nationality have no bearing. Following an internal pre-selection, the dancers will perform their solos of 5 minutes length in front of the audience and the jury on a circular table with a diameter of 7m. The first three winners will be awarded prize moneys of € 2,000, € 1,000 and € 500. The winner of the audience award will be chosen by the spectators.

The competition is supported by Getränke Staude, Leipzig, and IntercityHotel Leipzig.