26th Festival 2016

Fringe programme

Samstag 12. Nov. // 21.45 – ca. 23.00 Uhr

Eintritt frei

Schauspielhaus / Garderobenfoyer

Ab 14 Jahre

Künstlerportrait Nikolaus Habjan


»Ich pfeife auf die Oper«

Nikolaus Habjan (rechts) und Daniel Nguyen


Nikolaus Habjan, Puppenbauer und -spieler, Regisseur, Darsteller, Kunstpfeifer, und Daniel Nguyen, Pianist

Moderation: Dr. Martina Bako, Theaterwissenschaftlerin, Universität Leipzig


Nikolaus Habjan, who is invited to euro-scene Leipzig with a showcase, will discuss his life and work in an artist portrait. Humorous, earnest, intelligent and politically aware, the 29-year-old usually works on many projects at once and is also very interested in opera.

»Ich pfeife auf die Oper« (double meaning in German: »I whistle an opera« & »To hell with the opera«) – He will open up his box of puppets and also present a few examples of his amazing whistling skills. The Viennese pianist Daniel Nguyen is involved in the piece »Schlag sie tot« (»Beat them to death«) and accompanies Nikolaus Habjan for his whistled arias by Mozart, Puccini, Johann Strauß and Rossini.