26th Festival 2016

Fringe programme

Donnerstag 10. Nov. // 14.00 – 17.00 Uhr

14 Jahre / Leichte Vorkenntnisse erwünscht

Studio Tanzerei Flugfisch

25,00 € (erm. 20,00 €)


»Weiche Annäherungen«

mit Jan Martens, Antwerpen

In englischer und deutscher Sprache


Physical endurance in jumping is a contrast to a soft approach to subjects such as intimacy, sensitivity and body consciousness. This workshop is addressed to participants with a small amount of prior experience in the field of dance.

The Belgian Jan Martens belongs to a new generation’s most important choreographers. In this workshop, he uses simple exercises to give an insight into his choreographic work and creative processes. The focus is on his pieces »Sweat, baby, sweat« and »The dog days are over«. Martens was a guest at euro-scene Leipzig 2015 for the first time with »Sweat, baby, sweat« and is presenting two solos this time.


Karten nur an der Festivalkasse / Teilnehmerzahl begrenzt
Am 09. und 10. Nov. werden die beiden Tanzstücke »Bis« & »Ode to the attempt« von Jan Martens gezeigt.