26th Festival 2016

Main programme

Mittwoch 09. Nov. // 22.00 – 23.00 Uhr

Ab 14 Jahre

Donnerstag 10. Nov. // 22.00 – 23.00 Uhr


Schauspielhaus / Diskothek

22,00 € (erm. 17,00 €)

Compagnie Ferenc Fehér, Budapest


»Helló, Zombi!«
(»Hallo, Zombie!«)  (Videoausschnitt  )





Ferenc Fehér, Balázs Szitás

Choreografie und Musik:

Ferenc Fehér


Judit Simon


Dávid Kovácsovics


Gábor Czap, Ferenc Fehér, Balázs Szitás


Three strange figures have apparently risen from the dead and dance as living dead or seeming revenants through a thought landscape – as beings without a will, as spirits: as so-called zombies. People divested of their souls crawl to the surface in an eerie revue.

The choreographer Ferenc Fehér said about his latest dance piece, »Helló, Zombi!« (»Hello, zombie!«): »Immortality, infinite emptiness, total loneliness. No emotions. No desires. No diseases. No angels. There is only one thing: The dense darkness … All the day is the same.
The constant hunger. Killing is the most simple. Just a bite. Just a small bite! A teeny bite.«

Numerous works of art have already been devoted to the subject of zombies; one of the most famous is the silent movie »Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari« (»The cabinet of Dr. Caligari«) by Robert Wiene (1920). Now the gap to modern dance theatre has been bridged: scintillating, musical and with a humorous touch.

Ferenc Fehér, born in 1975 in Debrecen, belongs to the most important Hungarian choreographers. He was a performer in the Finita la Commedia theatre group in Budapest. He has been working on his own choreographies since 2007; they range from dance to physical theatre, for example »Brothers« (2012) and »Morgan and freeman« (2014) in Budapest as well as »Romeo and Juliet« after their own music at the Rio de Janeiro city theatre (2014). He offers workshops, presents his pieces at numerous festivals in Europe and was awarded many prizes.

Uraufführung: 09.10.2015, Szkéné Színház (Theater Szkéné), Budapest

Kontakt: www.ferencfeher.hu

Produktion: Compagnie Ferenc Fehér