25th Festival 2015 / Programme

Fringe programme

Sonntag 08. Nov. // 11.30 – ca. 13.00 Uhr (anschließend Empfang)

Eintritt frei

Alte Handelsbörse

Ab 14 Jahre


»Der Tanz auf dem Vulkan«

Ein Gedankenaustausch zu 25 Jahren Bühnenkunst

In Kooperation mit ARTE

Sylvia Camarda // Josef Nadj // Béla Pintér // Alain Platel // Wolfgang Bergmann

/ Sylvia Camarda, Tänzerin und Choreografin, Luxemburg
/ Josef Nadj, Tänzer, Choreograf und Maler, Centre chorégraphique national d‘Orléans
/ Béla Pintér, Regisseur und Darsteller, Budapest
/ Alain Platel, Choreograf und Regisseur, les ballets C de la B, Gent

Wolfgang Bergmann, Geschäftsführer ARTE Deutschland TV GmbH und ARTE-Koordinator des ZDF

Since 1991, euro-scene Leipzig has brought together the »who’s who« of dance and theatre in a festival that has now become an institution - despite all of the difficulties at the beginning: after the Fall of the Berlin Wall, the drive for complete freedom was followed by the disorientation of »everything is possible«. Did that cause art to fall back into its playful initial condition of functionlessness? And how does dance work today, 25 years later, on the volcano of »Hotel Europe« in a sea of refugees, surrounded by the chaos of war and failed states in which movement means escape and not dance?

Together with four well-known artists who are intimately familiar with euro-scene Leipzig, these questions will be answered, also on the basis of their personal experiences.