25th Festival 2015 / Programme

Fringe programme

Freitag 06. Nov. // 15.30 – ca. 16.30 Uhr

Ab 12 Jahre

Schauspielhaus / Start: Baustelle

Eintritt frei / Kostenlose Zählkarten

Anmeldung erbeten an der Festivalkasse

Technische Führung

»Die Räder im Getriebe«

Zum 6. Mal: Einblick in die Bühnentechnik

Technische Einrichtung im Schauspielhaus

Konzeption und Führung:
Bernd E. Gengelbach, Co-Direktor und Technischer Leiter euro-scene Leipzig,
    und Antje Gruber, Bühnenmeisterin Schauspiel Leipzig

Stage technology – a secret. Stage technology – invisible to most audience members. During the performances, the audience simply sees the stage design, hears the music, sees the lighting effects. The presentation lasts one and a half hours, while the technical work from the unloading of the stage design until the beginning of the performance often lasts two days.

In 2010, euro‑scene Leipzig was received with great interest when it provided a first look into technical work behind the scenes. Over the course of the last five years, the tour has developed into a very popular part of the programme. This year features the installation of the piece »En avant, marche!« (»Forward, march!«) by Alain Platel and Frank Van Laecke – a guest performance by NTGent & les ballets C de la B from the Flemish city of Ghent. But the tour will lead through the entire Schauspielhaus and provide insights into technical processes in general.