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Donnerstag 06. Nov. // 16.30 – ca. 18.30 Uhr

Ab 14 Jahre

Passage Kinos

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Film von René Allio
nach dem gleichnamigen Roman von Anna Seghers

Szene aus dem Film »Transit«

Regie: René Allio, Drehbuch: René Allio und Jean Jourdheuil
Produktion: ZDF / Classic Productions, Paris

Darsteller: Sebastian Koch (Gerhardt), Claudia Messner (Marie), Rüdiger Vogler (Arzt), Magali Leris (Nadine), Paul Allio (Georges Binnet)

Frankreich – Deutschland 1991 // Dauer: 103 Minuten
In deutscher Sprache

Einführung: Dr. Martina Bako, Theaterwissenschaftlerin, Universität Leipzig

Anna Seghers (1900-83) wrote her famous novel »Transit« while in exile between 1941 and 1942. Those persecuted and threatened by the Nazis assembled in Marseille in the summer of 1940 at the edge of Europe. They rushed to procure visas and credentials in order to escape to life-saving exile overseas, full of hopes and dreams.

René Allio, himself born in 1924 in Marseille, filmed the exciting story of the persecuted German Gerhardt Seidler who came into possession of a suitcase in occupied Paris and, at first unwillingly, changed his identity. He travelled to Marseille to immigrate to the United States and ultimately turned down his hard-won boarding ticket in order to remain in the wonderful city.