23rd Festival 2013 / Programme

Fringe programme

Mittwoch 06. Nov. // 16.30 Uhr – ca. 18.30 Uhr

Ab 14 Jahre

Passage Kinos

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»1913 – Tanz auf dem Vulkan«


Igor Strawinsky in der Pension »Les Tilleuls« in Clarens bei Montreux, wo er »Le sacre« komponierte (1912)

ARTE / ZDF 2013 / Dauer: 90 Minuten / deutsche Fassung
Erstausstrahlung 29.05.2013

Konzept: Dag Freyer / Filmautoren: Dag Freyer, Jobst Knigge, Alexander Kühne, Henrike Sandner, Kathrin Schwiering, Katharina Wenzel

Einführung: Prof. Dr. Patrick Primavesi, Theaterwissenschaftler, Universität Leipzig und Direktor Tanzarchiv Leipzig

1913 was the last year of peace before the First World War. Many artists, however, intuited the dark times approaching Europe in their works. And with »Le sacre du printemps« (»The rite of spring«), Igor Stravinsky created a revolutionary sound for that time which caused a scandal at its première on 29 May 1913. In 13 chapters, the film presents the important topics and personalities of the year 1913, including Igor Stravinsky, Ballets Russes with its director Sergei Diaghilev and the dancer Vaslav Nijinsky, Coco Chanel, Franz Kafka, Emperor Wilhelm II and Tsar Nicholas II. The film creates a mosaic of an exciting year that brought about the start of a new era and the end of peace in Europe.