23rd Festival 2013 / Programme

Main programme

Samstag 09. Nov. // 14.30 – 15.15 Uhr

Von 1 – 5 Jahren

Sonntag 10. Nov. // 11.00 – 11.45 Uhr und 14.30 – 15.15 Uhr

Theater fact

Teatro Pan, Lugano



»Il giardino di Gaia«
(»Gaias Garten«)   (Videoausschnitt  )


Konzeption und Text:

Marcello Chiarenza


Pietro Chiarenza


Carlo Cialdo Capelli



Elvis van der Meyden



Giulia Fratini



Cinzia Morandi, Giovanni Voegeli


Elena Chiaravalli, Karin Hochapfel

In deutscher Sprache

Für Kinder von 1 – 5 Jahren und Erwachsene

Let’s enter together into an enchanted world … An idyllic garden changes over the course of the four seasons. Gaia and Aprile, the two guardians of the garden, lead the young guests on a journey through spring, summer, autumn and winter. Butterflies, small trees, flowers, the surface of the water, magical eggs and flying fish are passed on to the children through the hands of the performers.

Music and song create an inviting atmosphere for the piece in which children and parents are simultaneously involved. Each young audience member sits on his own cushion in the middle of the scene while the parents sit behind them on chairs, very close by. The children are encouraged to actively participate and to poetically muse upon nature.

Teatro Pan was founded in 1975 in Lugano and is primarily dedicated to children’s and youth theatre. It creates in-house productions and organises various festivals such as FIT – Festival Internazionale del Teatro, Lugano, and pedagogical theatre projects in schools. Marcello Chiarenza, the author of the piece »Il giardino di Gaia« (»Gaia’s garden«) was born in Ramacca / Sicily in 1955 and writes texts, directs productions and creates stage designs. Teatro Pan has received numerous prizes, including the Priz molodoj kritiki »Drugoj wsgljad« (young critic’s award »Other point of view«) at the Kingfestival in Veliky Novgorod / Russia in 2011 for »Il giardino di Gaia«.

Uraufführung: 23.04.2011, Kingfestival, Weliki Nowgorod, Konzertsaal
Kontakt: www.teatro-pan.ch
Produktion: Teatro Pan