18th Festival 2008 / Programme

Main programme

Samstag 08. Nov. // 15.00 – 16.00 Uhr
Sonntag 09. Nov. // 11.30 – 12.30 Uhr
Kellertheater der Oper Leipzig

Театър Дани и Деси (Theater Danny & Dessi), Haskovo

»Принцeca Kaпчицa«
(»Prinzessin Tröpfchen«)   (Video clip  )

Ein Kinderstück

Idee und Text:

Tania Evtimova


Dessi Dimova

Puppen, Bühnenbild und Kostüm:

Atanas Evtimov


Tania Evtimova

Für Kinder (ab 3 Jahre) und Erwachsene

In deutscher Sprache

»Once upon a time, long ago, there was a water kingdom at the bottom of the sea … «, so begins the story of Princess Droplet. A small stage comprising all kinds of revolving tulle drapes becomes an enchanting underwater world: schools of fish swim past, the noise of the sea and the cries of gulls can be heard.

The fairytale of »Printzesa Kaptschitza« (»Princess Droplet«) is about friendship and courage. With imaginative soft puppets, few words and lots of music, it uses poetic images to tell of a king’s young daughter who has to be married. However, none of the many suitors interest her. She wants only to marry Prince Marble who comes from the neighbouring kingdom and vanishes one day – without a trace …

Tania Evtimova was born in 1959 in the Bulgarian Gabrovnitsa near Pleven and lives in Haskovo, a city with about 79,000 inhabitants halfway between Sofia and Istanbul. She studied puppeteer at the National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts »Krastio Sarafov« in Sofia. For 10 years she worked at the State Puppet Theatre in Haskovo before she founded the puppet theatre Danny & Dessi in 1995, together with her husband Atanas. In the meantime her children Danny and Dessi participate in it, too. Some of the previous 13 plays were broadcasted on Bulgarian national television. Guest performances have led the small experimental theatre to more than 40 festivals at home and abroad, e.g. to Belgium, France, Austria, Hungary, Spain, Rumania, Turkey and Mexico. Tania Evtimova has been repeatedly awarded prizes and gives now her first guest performance in Germany.

»The professionalism, perfect scenography and music have been highly regarded and appreciated both by the actor and puppeteer colleagues and by the audience. As a Bulgarian, the long, thunderous applause makes me very proud« (Violeta Arnaudova, Haskovska Maritsa, Haskovo, 07.11.2006).

Uraufführung: 12.03.2005, Poppentheater Pierewiet, Brügge

Emailadresse der Compagnie: theatre_dd@abv.bg

Produktion: Theater Danny & Dessi