13th Festival 2003


Sonntag 02. Nov. // 17.00 – 18.20 Uhr
Montag 03. Nov. // 10.00 – 11.20 Uhr
Theaterhaus am Lindenauer Markt

Theater der Jungen Welt, Leipzig

»Fett Frei und Fast Free«

Tanztheatralisches Projekt


Konzeption und Inszenierung:

Vivienne Newport


Bernd Schlenkrich

Bühnenbild und Kostüme:

Gerhard Roch


Marion Firlus

Technische Leitung:

Uwe Schmidt


Galina Freund, Martina Krompholz, Meike Anna Stock, Mirko Brankatschk, Reinhart Reimann, Christian Meier (Schrankmensch)

Für Jugendliche (ab 16 Jahre) and Erwachsene

»Do you see the wardrobe there? It's full of cushions and blankets, I'm going in there, closing the door behind me. I like it in there, I don't want to be free!«

The desire for freedom is great, but freedom can also turn into a nightmare. One who values his security more than freedom is seized by the fear of having to make decisions and the fear of a struggle. Too much love also leads to pressure and prevents tolerance, whether between generations or lovers. The mother idolises her son and does everything for him, so that he doesn't learn how to be independent. Released into freedom, he stands helpless in the outside world and flees back into a self-chosen, protective bondage.

Vivienne Newport, English by birth, was an actress in the Needcompany with Jan Lauwers in Brussels and appeared in his productions all over Europe. For the last several years she has been taking a new direction with her own projects. »Fat free and fast free« is derived from the short story »Conversations with a Cupboard Man« by Ian McEwan born in Aldershof/England in 1948, and makes use of both drama and dance theatre elements. This piece was invited to the German children's and youth theatre event »Augenblick mal!« (Wait a Second!) in Berlin in May 2003. After its opening performance in Leipzig in the interim theatre tent, it will make its first appearance in the newly renovated and reopened large auditorium in the Theaterhaus am Lindenauer Markt.

Uraufführung: 19.02.2003, Leipzig


Produktion: Theater der Jungen Welt