13th Festival 2003

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Press release — 21.09.2003

euro-scene Leipzig

13. Festival zeitgenössischen europäischen Theaters

04 – 09 November 2003
(Prologue: 01 – 03 November 2003)

»Die Liebe = Chance der Unmöglichkeit«

(»Love = Chance of Impossibility«)

The euro-scene Leipzig is taking place from November 4-9, 2003 for the 13th time. Each November, this festival of contemporary European theatre brings experimental and professional dance and theatre productions to Leipzig. This year, 12 guest performances are scheduled from 10 countries. Under the supervision of Festival Director Ann-Elisabeth Wolff, around 25 performances altogether can be seen in 8 theatre venues. With 8 German première presentations, the euro-scene will doubtlessly preserve its own style among European festivals, of which it has become one of the most important. The euro-scene is under the patronage of Wolfgang Tiefensee, mayor of the city of Leipzig.

This time, under the motto »Die Liebe = Chance der Unmöglichkeit« (»Love = Chance of Impossibility«), the euro-scene deals with a topic that, at present, often finds expression on stage only in connection with sex, estrangement and violence. The intention is, however, to put love in broader settings and to touch on issues like cliché, Utopia and power. Does the theatrical exaggeration of love in advertising, politics and social relations, its expressive portrayal by the media, in pornography and kitsch, still allow something like this true feeling? The love of another and of humanity as the most beautiful inspirational strength, but also as anguished repression – these are some stops on our festival journey between ancient dream and modern-day nightmare to artistically-portrayed reality.

The range of guest performances is broad in both a geographical and an aesthetic sense. Two outstanding personalities of the European theatre and dance scene will be introduced: Nigel Charnock choreographed the dance play »The Intelligence of the Heart« for the Helsinki Dance Company, and the Argentinian Rodrigo García created his play »Jardinería Humana« with the Théâtre National de Bretagne of Rennes. Further on there will be the two great dance productions »Wall dancin' – wall fuckin'« from Alain Buffard of Paris and »Wings at Tea« with the Company Provincial Dances Theatre of Jekaterinburg.

The material for »Alcesti« from the Italian dance company Abbondanza & Bertoni, as well as for »Orpheus ohne Echo« from the RambaZamba Theatre of Berlin, and for »Osiris Coverage« from the Artus Theatre of Budapest was taken from mythology. All three groups already appeared at the festival not so long ago. Additional productions from Switzerland, Belgium and Norway can also be seen.

For the first time the euro-scene is also participating in the Deutscher Produzentenpreis für Choreografie (German Producer Prize for Choreography) with prize-winner Raimund Hoghe coming to the festival. And finally, the popular competition »Das beste deutsche Tanzsolo« (»Best German dance solo«), originally devised by Alain Platel of Gent, will take place for the 6th time. Artistic direction has been assumed by Wolfgang Krause Zwieback.

In a prologue from November 1-3, the euro-scene will be showing several Leipzig productions. During this time, the joint production »Tagwerk – Werkstatt – Tanz«, which started last year with Leipzig choreographers in a project with the Schaubühne Lindenfels, will be continued. Also, a new children's play from Werner Stiefel, formerly a solo dancer of the Oper Leipzig, and a further episode from the Schauspiel Leipzig series »mund + knie« will be putting on opening performances. For the first time the Theater der Jungen Welt will also take part.

This time the annual conference of the German Centre of the International Theatre Institute (ITI) will take place during the course of the euro-scene. The ITI will also be putting on public events as part of the festival supporting programme. An expert presentation, workshops and discussions to the subject ‘International theatre work' are planned. The BMW Group has arranged a panel discussion specifically under the festival motto, in which, under the title »Love is all you need? – Das unheimlich Fremde« (»Love is all you need? – Weirdly strange things«), celebrities of cultural life in Germany will get into conversation with each other. In addition workshops, public discussions and films are planned.

The euro-scene Leipzig was able to come up again this year with a total budget of 470.000,00 euros again this year. Among the contributors are the city of Leipzig with 127.000,00 euros, the Free State of Saxony and the German Federal Government with 50.000,00 euros each. The Cultural Foundation of the Free State of Saxony is also a dependable partner along with the Deutsche Bühnenverein. The main sponsor is the Sparkasse Leipzig and the main patron is the Allianz Kulturstiftung. The BMW Group of Munich is again involved as a partner with the euro-scene. Other sponsors include the Holiday Inn Garden Court Hotel in Leipzig and Deutsche Lufthansa. The Goethe Institut Inter Nationes supports as well as the consular representations of some countries.

Ticket sales begin on September 27. Written orders may be placed with the euro-scene Leipzig by telephone via the Schauspiel Leipzig, tel. +49-(0)341-1 26 81 68.

Ann-Elisabeth Wolff, Festival Director

Leipzig, 21.09.2003

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Pressemitteilung – 09.11.2003

13th euro-scene Leipzig ended successfully

This evening, the 13th euro-scene Leipzig will come to an end in the Schauspielhaus with the dance piece »Wings at Tea« from Yekaterinburg. 12 productions from the European dance and theatre world, including 8 German première presentations, were staged from November 4-9, 2003 in Leipzig under the festival motto »Die Liebe = Chance der Unmöglichkeit« (»Love = Chance of Impossibility«) and were received by the audience with great interest and enthusiasm.

The highly acclaimed opening performance »The Intelligence of the Heart,« presented by the Helsinki Dance Company, was seen by the audience as an invitation to an outstanding celebration of theatre and, as a result, around 7,000 spectators saw the performances of the prologue, the main and the supporting program. Along with the small venues, even the Leipzig Schauspielhaus was virtually filled to capacity for the four grand productions presented there from Finland, France and Russia.

This year's festival programme showed a markedly broad spectrum of individual artistic styles, not only from a geographical standpoint, but also, above all, from an aesthetic one. In this way, along with the opening performance of Nigel Charnock, the production »Wall dancin' – wall fuckin'«, as well as the smaller productions »Alcesti« from the Italian dance company Abbondanza & Bertoni and »Torrance und Grady« from the Swiss company vroom were among the highlights of this year's euro-scene Leipzig.

The euro-scene Leipzig thrives on the complexity of the artistic concepts on display which, in attempts to explore this year's festival motto, nevertheless also showed similarities in content and form again and again.

The festival was started off with a prologue that primarily included productions developed by and with Leipzig artists. The four projects, three of which were première performances, were received by an attentive audience and seen as inspirations for the dance and theatre scene in Leipzig. Also, the competition »Das beste deutsche Tanzsolo« (»Best German dance solo«), created by Alain Platel, took place for the 6th time and was again a big crowd-puller.

In view of the great importance that the city attaches to the euro-scene Leipzig and of the national and international reach of the festival, it remains the task of all partners to finally provide the festival with dependable financial footing.

The 14th euro-scene Leipzig is planned for November 9-14, 2004.

Ann-Elisabeth Wolff, Festival Director
Ulrike Lykke Langer, Press

Leipzig, 09.11.2003

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