12th Festival 2002

Complete programme with summary

euro-scene Leipzig

12. Festival of contemporary European theatre

12 – 17 November 2002

»Wurzeln & Visionen«

(»Roots & Visions«)

Under the patronage of:
Flemish and Frensh Community of Belgium –
Marie-Henriette Timmermans, Delegate of the Frensh Community and the Wallonian Region, and Dr. Edi Clijsters, Representative of the Flemish Government

Festival Director and Artistic Direction: Ann-Elisabeth Wolff

Main programme

Tuesday 12. Nov. // 07:30 – 08:50 p.m.
Oper Leipzig
Festival Opening
Compagnie Charleroi/Danses – Plan K, Charleroi
»Metapolis« Project 972

A modern, first-rate ballet. The individual in the city – a journey through light and darkness, companionship and loneliness. 15 dancers in an excellent choreography by Frédéric Flamand, who still have a sense of neoclassicism and yet leave it way behind them. A sumptuous performance in an ecstasy of film, colour and form. The sets by top architect Zaha Hadid are a work of art in themselves.

Wednesday 13. Nov. // 03:30 – 06:30 p.m. and 09:00 p.m – 12:00 a.m.
Thursday 14. Nov. // 03:30 – 06:30 p.m. and 09:00 p.m – 12:00 a.m.
Friday 15. Nov. // 03:30 – 06:30 p.m. and 10:00 p.m – 01:00 a.m.
Saturday 16. Nov. // 03:30 – 06:30 p.m. and 10:00 p.m – 01:00 a.m.
Sunday 17. Nov. // 11:00 a.m – 02:00 p.m. and 03:30 – 06:30 p.m.
theater fact
Stan's Café, Birmingham
»It's your film«

Four-minute piece special. Play, fairground, film and »peepshow« – it‘s all »It's your film«, a remarkable experience for just one spectator at a time. Although shrouded in darkness, the spectator nevertheless witnesses a crime story in the rain, in a cafe, at night – the hit at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2001.

Wednesday 13. Nov. and Thursday 14. Nov. // 07:30 – 08:40 p.m.
Neue Szene
Matarile Theatro, Santiago de Compostela
»The Queen is dead«

German premier

Four Spanish women, temperamental and beautiful. Passionate, poetic theatre that portrays the understanding and rivalry between the women. There are no men, yet everything more or less revolves around them. The Matarile Teatro is making its first appearance in Germany with the production by Ana Vallés.

Wednesday 13. Nov. and Thursday 14. Nov. // 10:00 – about 11:45 p.m.
Schaubühne Lindenfels
Own production euro-scene Leipzig & Schaubühne Lindenfels
»Tagwerk – Werkstatt – Tanz«

(»Daily work – Workshop – Dance«)

Debut performance

An evening of dance in Leipzig. We wish to emulate »Tanzplattform Deutschland 2002« (»Dance Platform Germany«) and explore the potential of the Leipzig dance scene and give it fresh impetus. »Tagwerk« (»Daily work«) accordingly represents the first work phase, the research phase, the collection of material. It is planned to follow the festival presentation with a second phase in spring 2003 and a project developed for euro-scene Leipzig 2003. Four teams work with four mentors and around 15 dancers – an evening of focused ideas and exciting concepts.
(followed by audience discussion on both days)

Thursday 14. Nov. and Friday 15. Nov. // 07:30 – 09:30 p.m.
agra-Messepark / Halle 2
Meg Stuart / Damaged Goods, Brussels

What are theatre and dance? The boundaries are as fluid as they are between artist and actor, between the play and terror. Our daily routine is characterised by power, violence and manipulation, on an intellectual or practical level. Do we need an alibi for our own play? Meg Stuart is one of the greatest European choreographers and is making her first appearance in Leipzig with her company Damaged Goods.
(on 15. Nov. followed by audience discussion)

Friday 15. Nov. and Saturday 16. Nov. // 10:00 – 11:00 p.m.
Neue Szene
Compagnie eaRIS, Brussels
»Looking through eardrums«
German premier

A triumvirate of varieté, dance and concert. A filigree choreography for juggler Toon Schuermans and dancer France Perpête who move in the realm of fantasy with four musicians. The composition by Pieter Schuermans forms the backdrop of sound for a play that oozes charm, in which flying balls determine the tempo and movement the spatial order. A new company from Belgium is making its first appearance in Germany.

Saturday 16. Nov. and Sunday 17. Nov. // 07:30 – 08:40 p.m.
ROSAS, Brussels

Rain – the eternal river of life and time. Ten people whose bodies are entwined and poised between a leap and a fall. The choreography by Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker is in a close dialogue with the music by Steve Reich, in the midst of bands of rain that shine like pearls and provide protection from the wide world. A wonderful, extremely sophisticated dance performance, sustained by purity and harmony. The ROSAS company makes a welcome, long overdue return.
(on 16. Nov. followed by audience discussion)

Saturday 16. Nov. and Sunday 17. Nov. // 07:30 – 08:30 p.m.
Schaubühne Lindenfels
Teatr Cinema, Michałowice
»Miałem taki sen«
(»I had such a dream«)

A piece of action theatre, images without language, full of melancholy. Dreams in the midst of the daily routine and a return to one's own past, imbued with humour and surrealism. In a production by Zbigniew Szumski, the Teatr Cinema portrays people caught between the routine and absurdity of life.
(on 17. Nov. followed by audience discussion)

Saturday 16. Nov. and Sunday 17. Nov. // 10:00 – 11:15 p.m.
Floßplatz 3
Final Night
Victoria, Ghent
»Club Astrid«

A young generation caught between nonchalance and seriousness. The door in the club remains slightly ajar, they enjoy their freedom but are not always up to it. New aesthetics push back the genre boundaries. The Victoria Company returns to Leipzig with this piece by Lies Pauwels – known for »Bernadetje« and »Allemaal Indiaan« (»Everyone's an Indian«) by Alain Platel.

Sunday 17. Nov. // 05:00 – about 06:40 p.m.
Neue Szene
Schauspiel Leipzig
»Auf dem Land«

(»The Country«)

Richard and Corinne move to the country away from the London metropolis, the grime, noise and problems. The girl Rebecca, found at the roadside turns small talk into a duel. A play by the Englishman Martin Crimp in a production by Enrico Lübbe.

For the 5th time: Competition:
»Das beste deutsche Tanzsolo«
(»Best German dance solo«)

The competition was held in February this year as part of the fringe programme of Tanzplattform Deutschland (Dance Platform Germany).

(The programme of the Tanzplattform Deutschland 2002 (Dance Platform Germany 2002))

(The laureates and all other participants of the 5th competition in the archive of the competition)

Fringe programme

(selected presentations)

Free admission to all events within fringe programme
(except for »Die zertanzten Schuhe«).

Tuesday 12. Nov. // 04:00 – about 05:30 p.m.
Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst
»Stadt – Bühne – Bauwerk«
(»City – Stage – Building«)
Panel discussion organised by the BMW Group, Munich
in collaboration with euro-scene Leipzig
with Zaha Hadid, London / Patrik Schumacher, London / Henrik Ahr, Berlin / Dr. Johannes Odenthal, Berlin
Presentation: Henning Rambow, Leipzig

Saturday 16. Nov. and Sunday 17. Nov. // 11:00 a.m – about 12:00 p.m.
»Die zertanzten Schuhe«
(»The shoes that were danced to pieces«)
Debut performance
Dance performance for children (from the age of 5) and adults, based on the fairy tale of the same name by the Brothers Grimm

Saturday 16. Nov. // 03:00 – about 05:00 p.m.
Schaubühne Lindenfels
»Because I sing – The film«
Film by Alain Platel, Ghent
Introduction and subsequent interview with Alain Platel
Presentation: Michael Freundt, Leipzig

Sunday 17. Nov. // 03:00 – about 04:30 p.m.
Schaubühne Lindenfels
Cinematic highlights from the work of Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker
Video lecture: Dr. Janine Schulze, Leipzig