9th Festival 1999

Main programme

Mittwoch 03. Nov. und Donnerstag 04. Nov. // 19.30 – 20.30 Uhr
Schaubühne Lindenfels

Compagnie Von Heiduck, Kopenhagen


Stück nach Oscar Wilde


Willie Flindt, Thomas Hejlesen


Dunja Gry Jensen

Inszenierung und Bühnenbild:

Thomas Hejlesen




Bjarne Jørgensen


Jens Tang


Charlotte Millner (Salomé, Stimme: Dicte Westergaard Madsen), Mark Levy (Herodes, Stimme: Michael Kvetny), Michael Struve (Jochanaan, Stimme: Thomas Christensen), Svend E. Kristensen (Butler, Stimme: Nic Alexander)

In englischer Sprache

The princess Salomé longs for the prophet Jochanaan, who is imprisoned at the king's court. Her stepfather, Herodes, the tetrarch of Judea, for his part so fancies Salomé that he promises to fulfill her every wish if she dances before him. In order to get her way, she not only takes Herodes up on his offer, but she sheds every layer of clothing in doing so. Then she wishes for Jochanaan's head – the head of the man who spurned her and whose mouth she now can finally kiss.

Shimmering white and fashionable design furnish the exquisite setting for this story, which seems to have emerged from the glossy magazines of today. Seduction through beauty, the relish of power, the suppression of reason by glittering exteriors. Under a cloak of icy coldness unfolds the story of a burning love triangle that could scarcely be more erotic.

Charlotte Millner makes for a stunningly beautiful Salomé, and, as a mixture of Brigitte Bardot and Claudia Schiffer, is perfectly cast. The white skin of Jochanaan and the dark skin of Herodes bring new points of view to the story, as does the butler, who simultaneously functions as executioner.

Thomas Hejlesen, born 1953, studied film aesthetics and Butoh, occupied himself with classical dance and happenings in factory buildings. In connection with theatrical research into sexuality and society, he founded the group Von Heiduck in 1991. He treated themes such as the overcoming of angst, personal loneliness, and sexuality in an individually coded body language that falls between theater, dance, and film. Hejlesen is one of Denmark's most original directors and was distinguished with the Frankfurt Mouson Award in August 1999.

Uraufführung 13.05.1998, Kopenhagen

Produktion: Compaigne Von Heiduck, Kopenhagen

Das Gastspiel erfolgt mit freundlicher Unterstützung durch Teaterrådet (Kultusministerium), Kopenhagen.