9th Festival 1999

Main programme

Mittwoch 03. Nov. // 18.00 – 18.45 Uhr und 21.00 – 21.45 Uhr
Donnerstag 04. Nov. // 18.00 – 18.45 Uhr und 21.00 – 21.45 Uhr
Schaubühne Lindenfels

Compagnie Lindy Annis, Berlin

»Salomé 7«

Video-Performance nach Oscar Wilde

Konzeption, Textfassung und Spiel:

Lindy Annis


Frieder Butzmann

Bilder und Projektionen:

Katrin Schoof


Rudie Ewals


Stéphanie Félix

In englischer Sprache

A woman on a table, a microphone, several video projectors. Pure alienation for hot desire. The American Lindy Annis is not Salomé, but Lindy Annis. Salomé is projected into her in a vortex of pictures, into the woman as such, through the eyes of men and with the eyes of a woman.

Key sentences from Oscar Wilde's »Salomé« are related to key »Salomé« works of visual art, such as the painting by Gustave Moreau that Wilde inspired. Just as included was Lovis Corinth, the stage artist of the celebrated »Salomé« production by Max Reinhardt in 1902 in Berlin.

Lindy Annis, born in Boston, studied at the Experimental Theater Wing of the University of New York. She has been living in Berlin since 1985, where she has developed performances with visual artists, writers, dancers, actors, and musicians. She has worked with the Wooster Group, Hans Peter Kuhn, and Sasha Waltz.

Rudie Ewals was born in the Netherlands and studied painting and dance before devoting herself to video art. Together with the graphic artist Katrin Schoof and the musician Frieder Butzmann she created a »Salomé« media world, a »Salomé« iconography of the century.

»Lindy Annis is to be lauded for her dusting off of this piece in an intense performance... In the middle of this sumptuous roundelay Annis speaks Wilde's text like a disinterested party. The sensuously and bewitchingly seductive magic of the pictures finds expression in her own distinctive beauty, like cold window panes that are symbolically thrown open to let the fresh winter air rush in« (Henrike Thomsen, Berliner Zeitung, 07.12.1998).

Uraufführung: 03.12.1998, Berlin

Produktion: Lindy Annis/Big House und Podewil, Berlin