9th Festival 1999

Main programme

Dienstag 02. Nov. // 19.30 – 20.45 Uhr


Nationaltheater Craiova


Tragödie nach Euripides und Seneca
in einem Prolog, 14 Szenen und einem Epilog


Textfassung und Inszenierung:

Silviu Purcarete

Bühnenbild und Kostüme:

Stefania Cenean


Leni Pintea-Homeag (Phaedra), Angel Rababoc (Hippolytos), Valeriu Dogaru (Theseus), Rodica Radu (Aphrodite), Ozana Oancea (Artemis), Mirela Cioaba, Tamara Popescu, Natasa Raab-Gutul, Gabriela Baciu, Anca Dinu (Amme), Chor von Athen, Jagdgefolge des Hippolytos

The moon sparkles in the heavens, and its fluctuating light is of an almost eery intensity. Far off murmurs of the sea and the barking of dogs. Phaedra, the wife of Theseus, cannot resist her love for her stepson Hippolytos. Her passion is so great that, in desperation, she finally reveals her feelings to him. The young man is disturbed by this, and he rejects her. And thus the tragedy takes its course...

Love and shame, longing and desperation – humankind is still ruled by these feelings, even if we seem today to be more composed. Private life and social structures are always tightly woven into each other. The power of a single individual can certainly move mountains, but in the end it is always the power of the people that brings about social change.

Silviu Purcarete, born in Bucharest in 1950, belongs among the most significant directors of contemporary theater. Following motifs of the Greek dramas Hippolytos by Euripides and Phaedra by Seneca, he created a drama whose imagery is enormously suggestive: Love Story, Greek antiquity and social commentary, East European declaration and explosive contemporaneity all at once.

Purcaretes' productions, which have amazed the world, took place in the industrial city of Craiova, 200 km southwest of the Romanian capital. Among his most familiar pieces are »King Ubu with Macbeth-Scenes« (1990) and »Titus Andronicus« (1992). The success of »Phaedra« spread from Vienna to London, from Brussels across Marseilles, Copenhagen, and Bologna all the way to São Paulo. Now, »Phaedra« can finally be seen for the first time in Germany; the Leipzig production will be its 100th foreign performance.

»Phaedra« is not only the most important moment in the history of Romanian theater in the last century, but perhaps the most significant European production of our time« (Sebastian Vlad Popa, Caiete critice, Bukarest, 1996).

Uraufführung: 08.06.1993, Wien
Premiere der Neufassung: 02.04.1999, Craiova

Produktion: Nationaltheater Craiova / Wiener Festwochen