8th Festival 1998

Main programme

Mittwoch 11. Nov. // 19.30 – 21.00 Uhr
Donnerstag 12. Nov. // 22.00 – 23.30 Uhr
Schaubühne Lindenfels

Compagnie La Strada, Sofia

»Marmelade – Jam Session«

Stück von Stefan Moskov


William Shakespeare, Anton Pawlowitsch Tschechov, Ludmil Stanev, Ivan Kulekov und Stefan Moskov


Stefan Moskov


Vecheslav Parapanov


Antoni Donchev


Rada Moskova


Maya Novoselska, Vyara Kolarova, Nikola Dodov, Valeri Malchev, Adriana Naydenova, Borislav Stoilov, Valentin Tanev


Antony Donchev (Klavier), Petar Slavov (Kontrabass), Dimiter Dimitrov (Schlagzeug)

In englischer Sprache

A paper-covered wood frame is backdrop, screen, interior and projection surface; all at the same time. Paint is applied, music sounds, a video recording shows a woman who, wearing a blue kerchief while spiritlessly working on an assembly line, suddenly has a tiny car driving from under her hands, chased by a gondola. Dreams of the vast world of western opulence are stirring …

»Marmelade«, a mixed bag of dance. Theatre, performing arts, horseplay and jazz make for a perverse anarchistic performance. This mixture of silliness, slapstick and satire about our materialistic society radiates an enchanting naturalness.

A dervish-like woman experiences a frustrating odyssey: »No entry visa«, it says at the frontier and the way back to reality is now sealed off by a dream and so she lands, among all the other wacky characters, in this marmelade world; a fruity coloured inventory of sobering borderline cases straddling birthing culture domains.

The crème de la crème of actors from the grand theatre land of Bulgaria packed in its (comparably) well paid jobs and started from square one in a former union hall. Right away their very first production, the »The Street« variety show, received rave reviews within a few weeks and was highly acclaimed by both theatre experts and audiences. The title appeared in an Italian version, later as the name of the company, which always included improvisation elements and collage technology in its productions.

La Strada was founded in 1991 by the architect Plamen Timev as Bulgaria's first private theatre. The director Stefan Moskov managed the company right from the start and meanwhile conducted productions at German stages with great success, for instance at the Schauspielhaus Düsseldorf and at Bremen's theatre.

Uraufführung: 23.09.1994, Sozopol
Premiere der Neufassung: 12.09.1997, Hamburg