7th Festival 1997

Main programme

Mittwoch 12. Nov. und Donnerstag 13. Nov. // 19.30 – ca. 20.45 Uhr
Neue Szene

(Beitrag des Schauspiel Leipzig in eigener Auswahl)

Tanztheater Schauspiel Leipzig

»Come Quick Danger«

Tanztheaterstück von Irina Pauls


Choreografie und Inszenierung:

Irina Pauls


Marcus Ludwig


Horst Vogelgesang


Katrin Hoffmann

Technische Leitung:

Rolf Seydel


Véronique Bret, Rosa Costa, Lara Kugelmann, Katja Ottiger, Marcin Baczyk, Torsten Keller, Marco-Antonio Queiroz

»Much evil happened on this world
but only little that gave the descendants so much joy.«

               Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, 1787

The grand gesture of farewell.
Women and children first.
The catastrophe.
Lightning bolt illuminating life.
The disappearance of the men.
Women assuming leadership.
Utopian dreams emerge.
Visions becoming true.

The horizon disappears.
Converged visions.
Ice melts.
The conditions reformulate movement.

               Irina Pauls

Irina Pauls was born in 1961 in Leipzig and, starting in 1985, worked at the Landestheater (county theatre) in Altenburg. It was here, where she first caused a sensation as ballet master and choreograph before she founded Schauspiel Leipzig's dance theatre in 1990. Until now she created for this company 13 full-length choreographies in which she always searched for the correlation between the various art forms and then made those an intricate part of her work. Due to Schauspiel Leipzig's austerity programme it is planned to close the dance theatre, which incidentally is the only modern professional company in eastern Germany except for Berlin, at the end of the 1997/98 theatre season.

Produktion: Schauspiel Leipzig