7th Festival 1997


»Vision Europa – dem Fremden eine Tür«

(»Vision Europe – an open door to the stranger«)

11 – 16 November 1997

(Preface to the printed programme – including conception of the festival)

The euro-scene Leipzig 1997 is a high-wire act. Germany is well on the way to lose its reputation as a cultural nation and human relations are also noticeably cooling down. Great faith in the power of the theatre guided the festival until now, this year it takes that faith as well as a great deal of defiance to counteract those negative influences.

Artistic visions and experimental daring of the modern theatre point out possibilities to pick one's way out off a society that became slave to money, shallowness and pleasure. And a look at other cultures also lets us fetch back a touch of lost moral standards.

Now in its seventh year, euro-scene Leipzig is extending for the first time a second invitation to those artists who are its spiritual kinfolk, namely Gabriella Bußacker, Jo Fabian and Alain Platel. It is keeping the East-West European bond alive, presents several German premieres and for the first time holds a competition. And last but not least, many thanks to all those who made it possible to have this festival at all and of those, above all to Sparkasse Leipzig.

Ann-Elisabeth Wolff
Festival Director