5th Festival 1995


»Vision Europa – dem Fremden eine Tür«

(»Vision Europe – an open door to the stranger«)

4 – 9 November 1995

(Preface to the printed programme – including conception of the festival)

The theatre is presently one of the few islands on which we can still be individuals – a possibility to escape the media barrage, the constant stream of advertisements pretending material needs, the pestering by the automobile and the destruction of nature, every day hectic. The theatre still provides, as old-fashioned as it may sound, life support – a recollection of ethic values, the courage to be different, supplies a reminder at the acceptance of standards, grants the opportunity to test one's own requirements, time to remember...

Five years ago, euro-scene Leipzig was born out of the idea to open the city of Leipzig – always cosmopolitan and mainly so through its trade fairs and university – to new forms of the European theatre, to participate in the understanding of strange ways of life and cultures, and to broaden one's own views. The festival, the only one for avant-gardistic, professional theatre in Germany's new federal provinces, should be perceived as an addition to the regular theatre offerings and it developed well beyond Leipzig's boundaries into an annual climax of the city's theatre life.

During euro-scene Leipzig fifth year an artistic committee was set up to whom experts of the contemporary theatre belong. They carry out advising functions and inject their national and international knowledge and experience.

In addition, the subtitle »theatre festival of European avant-garde« was changed by reasons of its different interpretation within the various countries. The decisive factor for an invitation is always, apart from the quality and the originality of a production, its avant-gardistic claim. Thereby, of course, does the artistic appeal rest above all in the national differences that may not wholly conform with German viewpoints.

euro-scene Leipzig performs a crucial promotion function for Leipzig as a member of the Brussels-headquartered lnformal European Theatre Meeting. This association is the most important international organisation of Europe's free-lance theatre artists. Stimulated and co-organised by euro-scene Leipzig, IETM hosts in Leipzig at the end of November the first meeting of this kind in Germany's new federal provinces.

I would like to express my wholehearted gratitude not only to the civic supporters but also to our main sponsors, namely the Sparkasse Leipzig and the Stiftung Kulturfonds Berlin, that allowed the festival to take place in its unique form. I also would like to thank Schauspiel Leipzig and the Oper Leipzig – their Intendants Wolfgang Engel and Prof. Udo Zimmermann, their members of the technical support staff as well as all other fellow colleagues – for their cordial support. I wish the public a lot of pleasure with euro-scene Leipzig '95.

Ann-Elisabeth Wolff
Festival Director