4th Festival 1994

Main programme

Samstag 26. Nov. // 22.00 – 23.30 Uhr
Sonntag 27. Nov. // 17.00 – 18.30 Uhr und 22.00 – 23.30 Uhr
Neue Szene

example dept., Berlin

»Whisky & Flags«

Stück von Jo Fabian

Inszenierung, Raum, Licht und Originalmusik:

Jo Fabian


Heidemarie Fabian

Weitere Musik:

Tom Waits

Technische Leitung:

Walter Thum


Sonja Elstermann, Heidemarie Fabian, Ulrike Henning, Elke Paul, Kerstin Runzel, Volker Herold, Jörg Steinberg

Die Musik wird eingespielt.

Rehearsal atmosphere, mischievous improvisation, permanent misunderstandings – that's the way it appears. The attempt to make political theatre becomes a lesson in futility through its witty taunts. Heinzi & Horki, an East German and a West German clown, mumble absurdities about the physicist Heisenberg's »dissimilar relativity«. Increasingly their cheerful behaviour takes on totalitarian streaks and suddenly reminds of fascistic fatalism. However the mood is turning and the dance rehearsal with the girls' quartet can now begin.

Whisky bottles and red flags frame this play full of charm and enigmatic ease. As a »Comedy of the Past« it plays in the current »pigsty Germany full of screwed up ideals« (Fabian) with the historical experiences of the »Iron Curtain people«, however it is possible to glimpse tragedy for a few fleeting moments. For a while nobody really knows whether the stage action is a rehearsal of Fabian's troupe, is a rehearsal of the actors, or – perhaps – is the performance itself.

Jo Fabian groups three productions under the title of »Vaterlandskomplex« (»Fatherland complex«). All three productions were created in 1993 for and with his example department troupe. »Whisky & Flags« is the prelude. Together with »Keine Gnade« (»No Mercy«), the second part, it was invited to Berlin's 1994 theatre meet as the only production by an off-producer. (The final play of the trilogy is »Die letzte tanzende Kommunistin vom Prenzlauer Berg« (»Prenzlauer Berg's last dancing Communist«)). example dept. emerged out of a group that Fabian started in 1989 at the Bauhaus Dessau and which unites actors and dancers. Its present home is the Theater unterm Dach in Berlin's arrondissement Prenzlauer Berg.

Jo Fabian was born in 1960 in Berlin. After finishing his actor training in Rostock he worked as actor and producer in Gera and Meiningen. Even during the days of the GDR did he shy away from conventional theatre operations and since 1987 he worked as a free-lance producer. Fabian's way of theatrical expression is an insoluble mixture of word, picture, sound, space, and movement and it presented a novelty in the GDR. Even now it has its own, peculiar style. Fabian is no stranger to Leipzig since he worked here with the Student Theatre (»Baal«, 1989) and with Schauspiel Leipzig (»Shite Samurai«, 1991).

»The seven dancers are breathtaking balance artists. It is superb how they juggle with prejudices and banalities ... It is extremely rare in Berlin to experience such a theatre event« (Tilman Billing, Berliner Zeitung, 01.03.1993).

»Jo Fabian and his Berlin company example dept. are still something like an insider's tip. They have the ability to become a cult group. Never before has anyone pulled the leg of theatre and particularly of the dance industry hilariously« (Monika Fabry, Hamburger Abendblatt, 21.04.1994).