3rd Festival 1993


»Vision Europa – dem Fremden eine Tür«

(»Vision Europe – an open door to the stranger«)

17 – 21 November 1993

(Preface to the printed programme – including conception of the festival)

It is possible to perceive a peacefully united Europe as a friend. This feeling of »home« can be easily awakened within large spaces. It is possible to make the steady confrontation with the unknown a joyous experience. However such a Europe needs the spiritual foundation upon which an individual's freedom to creative expressions is cemented and which includes congeniality. The theatre festival of European avant-garde euro-scene Leipzig is a fabulous tool to create such climate.

The monster »Man« is within touch – everywhere in Europe. The Balkans are far away –? How far away are the battlefields of World War II? Within recent memory and proximity, really how confined was Monster Man as warden of the socialist jail? Once again Molotov cocktails torch homes in German towns and once again a continent searches for a handy scape-goat.

Let us use the theatre arts to put an end to that horror by means of new/old imaginative visions of human beings living together in a dignified and caring co-existence. Let us wake curiosity of the unknown and strange through dance, music, language, sound and gesture. Let us strengthen the trust in one's own spiritual wealth and let us discover the inexhaustible riches of neighbouring cultures.

The independent festival team of euro-scene Leipzig presents a very carefully selected choice of European theatre avant-garde of the 90's. Special artistic and trail-blazing particularities of their production as well as an overall high quality and professionalism played an important role in the final selection, which was completely independent from the style, structure, or prodigiousness of the companies. The festival concept excludes well-known plays as well as productions with complicated foreign-language texts. The invited productions present that type of aesthetics which moves the audience into discovering its own ways and means of human co-existence.

For the third time the theatre festival of European avant-garde euro-scene Leipzig ‘93 unites productions from eastern, western and central Europe. This year it stands under the motto of »Vision Europe – an open door to the stranger«. In twenty performances it presents nine productions from seven countries.

A harmonious Europe – a step in the right direction through the theatre arts.

Matthias Renner
Festival Director

Ann-Elisabeth Wolff
Deputy Festival Director