2nd Festival 1992


Theaterfestival europäischer Avantgarde

(European avant-garde theatre festival)

18 – 22 November 1992

(Preface to the printed programme – including conception of the festival)

After last year's great success, euro-scene Leipzig celebrates its second anniversary. This art festival is the only one of its kind in the new provinces of Germany which extensively introduces professional avant-garde theatre artist.

The power and the enjoyment to communicate through movement, gesture, dance as well as through unusual and inventive stage craft, is once again the focal point of euro-scene Leipzig. The power of a human body's physical expression is supplemented by electrifying music, by strange sounds, and by other noises. This art form presently constitutes the, aesthetically, most combative and progressive era of theatre innovation. Demanding Iighting design and extravagant spatial solutions hone the senses for an universally-understood Ianguage of postures, gestures, rhythms and sounds.

The world-famous stars Marcia Haydée and John Neumeier stand alongside well-known, younger advocates of the European theatre avant-garde, such as: Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker, Josef Nadj, Urs Dietrich, etc. Spawned by their creativity you'll see innovative productions which, full of inspiration and ability, bravely challenge the prevailing mainstream and match artistic expressions in a new and unusual manner. Their radical testimony to personal individuality makes those avant-gardists cultural leaders. Their artistic declaration of war is nothing but the recognition of contemporary reality.

The ensembles' joy to savour national and ethnic differences through common tasks is very much apparent. It heightens the power and the richness of the carefully selected productions. Art becomes a medium of respect for individuality in populous Europe.

Ladies and gentlemen. Eleven productions from seven eastern and western European countries offer you high quality, mental stimulation and inspiring entertainment. The non-aligned festival team created the program for you as a receptive audience. Amidst your friends and families you'll be able to enjoy five days of unusual theatre experiences.

We wish you much enjoyment and pleasure with euro-scene Leipzig '92.

Matthias Renner
Festival Director

Ann-Elisabeth Wolff
Deputy Festival Director