1st Festival 1991

Main programme

Donnerstag 14. Nov. // 22.00 Uhr

(Beitrag des Leipziger Schauspiel in eigener Auswahl)

Schauspiel Leipzig

»Shite Samurai«

Tanz-Stück von Jo Fabian nach Kafka

ein der wirklichkeit abgeträumtes adventure der schwierigkeitsstufe 7

Regie und Katagrafie:

Jo Fabian

Bühnenbild und Kostüme:

Gerhard Roch


Frank Sieckel (Shite), Claudia Wenzel (Ado), Volker Herold (Tomo), Fred-Artur Geppert (Bote, Waki, Wakisure, Zure)

Mitglieder des Tanztheaters im Schauspiel Leipzig (Jiutai):

Christina Brückner, Angelika Wenzel, Anne Bergel, Steffi Pfefferkorn, Werner Stiefel

Leitung des Tanztheaters:

Irina Pauls

Here the senses are important, not necessarily the mind. The production relies on the audience's imagination, the effect of movement and space, music and onomatopoeia, light and darkness. The performers move in a surreal world, using a ritualized body language, borrowed from the Asian No theatre.

Shite, in the service of an imaginary hierarchy, is given a task by the dying emperor. Despite his lack of comprehension, Shite has a sense of purpose in his life for the first time. His obedience costs him his wife, who leaves him for his assistant. Associatively daring, the play is also an experiment in transcendence.

»Five years ago, the now thirty year old Fabian had already started to stage texts in such a strange way that they attracted attention, had to attract attention ... Celebrated as the hero of unorthodox theatre ...« (Süddeutsche Zeitung, München, 21.03.1991).