1st Festival 1991

Main programme

Freitag 15. Nov. // 19.30 Uhr
Samstag 16. Nov. // 17.00 Uhr
Neue Szene

Itinerrances, Marseille

»Histoire d'un huis clos«

(»Geschichte bei geschlossenen Türen«)

nach Motiven des Stückes »Bei geschlossenen Türen« von Jean-Paul Sartre



Christine Fricker


Moondog, John Lurie, Made to Measure – Volume 17, John Surnam, Wim Mertens, Franz Schubert, Kronos quartett, Phill Glass


Fabrice Pruvost


Corinne Fricker


Adriane Alosi, Joëlle Driguez, Patrick Servius

»Hell is other people« – a quote from Sartre's play »Huis-clos«, written in 1945, after which this passionate dance-drama was created. A daily hell is like living with someone, who always causes suffering, although they are the object of desire. The relationship between a man and two women is full of secrets, both hidden and discovered, and the hell of our existence lies between tenderness and violence, ignorance and knowledge.

The thirty-year-old Christine Fricker changed her career as a dancer in the Marseille Opera classical ballet when she turned to modern dance in New York. She created her first dance-drama in 1990 with »Story behind closed doors«.

»A choreographer is born ... a masterpiece from Christine Fricker« (Taktik, Marseille, 28.03.1991).