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»Curiosity and Passion«

Festival publication on the occasion of the 10th euro-scene Leipzig

Theatre of the 1990s and international festivals

Published by Michael Freundt and Ann-Elisabeth Wolff

A book about euro-scene Leipzig and the international festival culture with numerous photos. With articles by renowned journalists, theatre makers and Festival Directors about the European dance and theatre scene, interviews, among others, with Alain Platel and Maguy Marin, texts regarding history and the future of the Leipzig festival. In addition: All 122 guest plays from the 10 years of euro-scene Leipzig in text and photos. An indispensable overview for theatre enthusiasts, background information for festival fans and theatre aficionados – a living memory of Leipzig and the past years.

With articles by: Michael Freundt, Dr. Georg Girardet, Michael Hametner, Nele Hertling, Wiebke Hüster, Claudia Jeschke, Renate Klett, Wolfgang Krause Zwieback, Michael Kulow, Maguy Marin, Antje Oegel, Alain Platel, Martin Roeder-Zerndt, Heike Schwarzer, Tom Stromberg, Petra Stuber, Klemens Wannenmacher, Ann-Elisabeth Wolff

Brief description:
This book leads you into the world of the European theatre and to one of the most original festivals of Europe: To euro-scene Leipzig. Read and also page through ten years of theatre, through languages and images at the end of the 20th century. The 1990s were a time of rapid change not only in politics, but also in the arts. If political change was sweeping Central and Eastern Europe at the beginning of the decade, the end of the decade saw the abolishment of borders between countries through international markets, the Internet, globalisation and interculturality.

Even the great theatre festivals which took place in the 1970s and 1980s changed their face and gained size and form. They thoroughly carried out their duty of presenting and exchanging theatre and dance performances across cultural borders and sometimes even to excess. These changes are able to be experienced through the example of euro-scene Leipzig. Founded with an East-based orientation, it developed into a well-respected nerve centre of East-West theatre.

Published in Leipzig
Fall 2000
Content and editing: Michael Freundt and Ann-Elisabeth Wolff
English translation: Susanne Saalfeld
Time of going to press: 20.07.2000
Overall layout: Thomas Matthaeus Müller
Typesetting: André Grau
Printing: Messedruck GmbH, Leipzig
ISBN 3-00-006610-1

The publication of 132 pages and approx. 150 illustrations will be sent free of charge by the festival office to persons who are interested in receiving it upon request.