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»Curiosity and Passion«

A picture-journey through Europe – Preface

Table of Contents

Welcoming Speeches

Companies of the euro-scene Leipzig 1991 – 2000 with text and pictures

I. Festival and city

The magic moment / Ann-Elisabeth Wolff about 10 years of festival work – chance between task, success and three unfulfilled wishes

Theatre at the turning-point in history / Antje Oegel

The time when the cake was made … / Michael Kulow, co-founder of the euro-scene Leipzig, interviewed by Michael Freundt

Pictures that stay / Michael Hametner

Journeys and views in all directions / Lines and trends of the European theatre of the 90s / Michael Freundt

II. Artists as companions

… how humans beings look at the world / Alain Platel, choreographer and artistic director of Les Ballets C. de la B., interviewed by Heike Schwarzer

Alain Platel – Productions

Maguy Marin – Positioning and absence of limits / Claudia Jeschke

Maguy Marin – Choreografies

I need the closeness to reality / The French Choreograph Maguy Marin interviewed by Wiebke Hüster

Vomit lamp, on full force / Die Socìetas Raffaello Sanzio / Antje Oegel

Socìetas Raffaello Sanzio – Catchwords to history and productions

Everybody tells his own story – Jo Fabian / Petra Stuber

Jo Fabian – Productions

III. Culture business and passion

The Hebbel-Theater Berlin / Eleven years of contemporary theatre – an attempt / Nele Hertling

Some traces should remain / Tom Stromberg, artistic director of Deutsches Schauspielhaus Hamburg, interviewed by Michael Freundt

About heart and other juices / Renate Klett

About kindred spirits and good wines / Klemens Wannenmacher, artistic director of FACT and Rotterdam – Cultural Capital of Europe 2001, interviewed by Michael Freundt

Informal European Theatre Meeting (IETM) / Members and Activities

Diversity and Internationalisation / Martin Roeder-Zerndt

IV. Topics / People / Perspectives

Tradition and legitimation in the authentic / Dr. Georg Girardet, Councillor for Culture of the city of Leipzig, interviewed by Michael Freundt

Europe dances to Bach / Conversation between Alain Platel, Roel Dieltiens, Carles Santos, Ina Rager, Prof. Georg Christoph Biller, and Irina Pauls, moderated by Michael Hametner

Deepening and Discussion – Fringe programme of the festival

Setting themes, discovering theatre / Bach, »Salomé«, and the nine European cultural capitals of the year 2000 – Topics and main focus determine the festival programme of euro-scene / Michael Freundt

The tip of the iceberg / A glance offstage of the contest "Best German dance solo" / Ann-Elisabeth Wolff (English abstract)

Best German dance solo / The participants of the contests 1997–1999

Finally, euro-scene 2000 / Wolfgang Krause Zwieback

The festival shall be a feeling of exhilaration / Interview between Ann-Elisabeth Wolff and Michael Freundt


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