Dance Platform Germany 2002

Dance Platform Germany 2002

February 06-10, 2002

The Dance Platform Germany is conceived as the most important forum of contemporary dance in Germany. Every two years it takes an inventory of current trends and innovative tendencies in the German dance scene. Opinionated handwritings and contemporary aesthetics of strong individuality are the selection criteria for a programme that focuses, as a showcase for modern dance and in only a few days, on the best current productions from all of Germany. The first Dance Platform Germany was held in Berlin in 1994. Further Dance Platforms took place in Frankfurt/Main (1996), Munich (1998), Hamburg (2000), Leipzig (2002), Düsseldorf (2004), and Stuttgart (2006). The next Dance Platform will be held in Hannover in February 2008.

The 5th Dance Platform Germany 2002 was held by the euro-scene Leipzig from February 6–10 and took place for the first time in the newly-formed German States. The project management was in the hands of Ann-Elisabeth Wolff, project co-management: Michael Freundt.

The Dance Platform Germany 2002 was a joint event of:

\ Dance in Berlin: Akademie der Künste (Academy of Arts), Dr. Dirk Scheper (Dept. for Performing Art)

\ Hebbel-Theater Berlin, Nele Hertling (director)

\ TanzWerkstatt Berlin, Ulrike Becker and André Thériault (artistic direction)

\ Theater am Halleschen Ufer, Björn Dirk Schlüter (artistic direction)

\ tanzhaus nrw, Düsseldorf, Bertram Müller (director) and Stefan Schwarz (programme management of stages)

\ Künstlerhaus Mousonturm, Frankfurt/Main, Dieter Buroch (managing director) and Christine Peters (artistic direction)

\ Kampnagel Hamburg, Gordana Vnuk (theatre manager) and Sabine Gehm (on behalf of Kampnagel)

\ euro-scene Leipzig, Ann-Elisabeth Wolff (Festival Director) and Michael Freundt (artistic direction)

\ Joint Adventures, Munich, Walter Heun (theatre and dance productions) organised by the euro-scene Leipzig in line with "Les Rencontres chorégraphiques internationales de Seine-Saint-Denis/Paris«.

The euro-scene Leipzig was also publisher of the publication to the Dance Platform Germany 2002.

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