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NEWSLETTER   #02-2011

Leipzig, 25.10.2011

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euro-scene Leipzig

21st Festival of contemporary European theatre

08. Nov. – 13. Nov. 2011


(»Sound disturbance«)

Theatre and dance from the old and new Europe

Under the patronage of Burkhard Jung,
Lord Mayor of the city of Leipzig



1. Conception
2. Main programme
3. Competition
4. Fringe programme
5. Ticket information and
     Festival café

6. Unsubscription of

7. Imprint
8. Financing 2011

1. Conception of the festival

The euro-scene Leipzig will take place from 08. to 13. November 2011 for the 21st time. Under the motto »Tonstörung« (»Sound disturbance«) the festival of contemporary European theatre devotes thematically to the sound of music as well as to the tones within social and interpersonal structures and in aesthetic forms. The festival will show 12 guest plays from 12 countries in 25 performances and 10 venues. Among them are six German premières. Next to it the popular competition »Das beste deutsche Tanzsolo« (»Best German dance solo«) will take place for the 10th time.

The carte blanche – the selection of a guest performance – was performed by the renowned choreographer Josef Nadj, head of the Centre chorégraphique national d'Orléans. He chose the performance »E.I.O.« by the three choreographers Dragana Bulut, Belgrade, Maria Baroncea & Eduard Gabia, Bucharest, and he will also show his own production »Sho-bo-gen-zo«.

We would like to invite you cordially to the festival. Upon request the programme will be sent to you free of charge.

Ann-Elisabeth Wolff

Festival Director

Flota, Ljubljana, »Srh« (»Shiver«), German première, opening night – part I

2. Main programme

08. Nov. // Flota, Ljubljana // »Srh« (»Shiver«) // choreographic concert by Matjaž Farič and Milko Lazar - German première & Ivo Dimchev, Sofia // »Concerto« // improvisation performance // opening night

09. / 10. Nov. // Centre chorégraphique national d'Orléans / Josef Nadj // »Sho-bo-gen-zo« // dance play – German première

09. / 10. Nov. // SounDrama Studio, Moscow // »Ia, pulemetschik« (»I am the machine gunner«) // theatre play by Vladimir Pankov – German première

09. / 10. Nov. // Gisèle Vienne, Grenoble // »Jerk« // solo play

10. / 11. Nov. // Israel Galván, Seville // »Solo« // flamenco

11. / 12. Nov. // Dragana Bulut, Belgrade, Maria Baroncea & Eduard Gabia, Bucharest // »E.I.O.« // performance

11. / 12. Nov. // Naroden teatar (National Theatre) Vojdan Černodrinski, Prilep // »Antica« // musical theatre by Branko Brezovec – German première

11. / 12. Nov. // Andrea Miltnerová, Prague // »Pentimento« & »Fractured« // two dance plays – German premières

12. / 13. Nov. // Berndt Stübner & Werner Stiefel, Leipzig // »Der Fischer und seine Frau« (»The fisherman and his wife«) // Children's play

12. / 13. Nov. // She She Pop, Berlin // »Testament« (»Last will«) // theatre play based on motives of William Shakespeare's drama »King Lear«

12. / 13. Nov. // Granhøj Dans, Aarhus // »2men2mahler« // dance play by Palle Granhøj – German première

13. Nov. // Alias, Geneva // »Sideways rain« // dance play by Guilherme Botelho // final night

11. / 12. / 13. Nov. // For the 10th time: Competition »Das beste deutsche Tanzsolo« (»Best German dance solo«) // conception: Alain Platel, Ghent // artistic direction: René Reinhardt, Leipzig

Ivo Dimchev, Sofia, »Concerto«, opening night – part II

Andrea Milterová, Prague, »Fractured«, German première

Berndt Stübner & Werner Stiefel, Leipzig, »Der Fischer und seine Frau« (»The fisherman and his wife«) (for children from 6 years and adults)

3. Competition »Das beste deutsche Tanzsolo« (»Best German dance solo«)

The competition »Das beste deutsche Tanzsolo« (»Best German dance solo«) will be held in line with the festival for the 10th time. Idea and conception originate from Alain Platel, Ghent. The artistic direction lies in the hands of René Reinhardt, Leipzig.

Professionals and non-professionals applied with a solo of 5 minutes length. Following an internal pre-selection in September, 20 solos were chosen from 88 applications. In the public rounds they will face up to the audience and the 5-strong jury on the now legendary round table with a diameter of 7m. The first three winners will be awarded prize moneys. Additionally, there will be an audience award.

/ Eszter Fontana, director of Museum of Musical Instruments, Leipzig
/ Matthias Brenner, director of Neues Theater Halle/Saale
/ Thomas Hahn, journalist, Paris
/ Josef Nadj, choreographer and head of the
    Centre chorégraphique national d'Orléans
/ Christian Syrotek, director Best Western Hotel City Center, Leipzig

Competition »Das beste deutsche Tanzsolo« (»Best German dance solo«) 2009, Wesley D'Alessandro, Hannover, » … should have a chair«, audience award

4. Fringe programme

(Free entry except for workshop and film »Pina«)

09. / 10. Nov. // Workshop »Transformance« with Eduard Gabia, Bucharest // a performance laboratory

10. Nov. // Documentary »Ein Blick hinter die Kulissen« (»A glance behind the curtains«) by Bernd E. Gengelbach and Tilman König on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of euro-scene Leipzig 2010 // introduction: Michael Freundt, Berlin

10. Nov. // Film »Pina« in 3D by Wim Wenders, Berlin // introduction: Dr. Martina Bako, Leipzig

10. Nov. // Technical tour »Die Räder im Getriebe« (»The wheels in motion«) // insight into stage technology // conception and conducted tour: Bernd E. Gengelbach, Leipzig

11. Nov. // ARTE documentary »Israel Galván – Ein andalusischer Tänzer« (»Israel Galván – An Andalusian dancer«) by Maria Reggiani, Paris // introduction: Thomas Hahn, Paris

12. Nov. // Video presentation »Im Schmelztiegel der Kulturen« (»In the melting pot of cultures«) about the development of theatre and dance in the former Yugoslavia, Gordana Vnuk, Zagreb

12. Nov. // Party with DJ Filburt (riotvan), Leipzig

13. Nov. // Panel discussion »Tonstörung oder Vom Eigensinn des Akustischen« (»Sound disturbance or About the obstinacy of acoustics«) with: Dr. Veronika Darian, Leipzig / Prof. Dr. Petra Maria Meyer, Kiel / Patrick Hahn, Stuttgart / Thomas Hahn, Paris // Presentation: Prof. Dr. Günther Heeg, Leipzig

Film »Israel Galván – Ein andalusischer Tänzer« (»Israel Galván – An Andalusian dancer«) by Maria Reggiani

5. Ticket information and Festival café

The ticket sale offers discounts with the festival pass and three ticket packages. The tickets can be ordered online, in writing, by phone or email. For ticket sale information, please, refer to www.euro-scene.de/tickets.

The euro-scene Leipzig has its own advance booking office in the café-restaurant Telegraph, Dittrichring 18-20, 04109 Leipzig. During the festival the Telegraph will turn into the festival café.

6. Unsubscription of newsletter

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7. Imprint

Content and editing: Ann-Elisabeth Wolff / Susann Mannel
English translation: Susanne Saalfeld
Photographers: Miha Fras, Ljubljana / Compagnie / Vojtěch Brtnický, Prague / Berndt Stübner, Leipzig / Rolf Arnold, Leipzig / Daniel Muñoz, Madrid
Graphic design: Dirk Baierlipp, Würzburg – fertigungsbureau.de
Editorial deadline: 24.10.2011

The team of the
euro-scene Leipzig:

Presenter: Sächsischer Verein zur Förderung des kulturellen Austauschs nationaler und internationaler Tanz- und Theatergruppen e. V.

euro-scene Leipzig, Gottschedstraße 16, D-04109 Leipzig,
Tel. +49-(0)341-980 02 84 // Fax +49-(0)341-980 48 60
info@euro-scene.de // www.euro-scene.de

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8. Financing and support 2011

Newsletter #03-2011 will be published at the end of November 2011.

© euro-scene Leipzig 2011

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