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NEWSLETTER   #03-2009

Leipzig, 17.12.2009

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Dear Colleagues and Friends:
Dear Sir or Madam:

At the end of the year we would like to look back on the last euro-scene Leipzig 2009 and give you a little preview to the Festival 2010. We hope to arouse your curiosity and to welcome you again next year.

The team of the euro-scene Leipzig wishes you Merry Christmas and a continued good health, energy and luck for the year 2010.

Ann-Elisabeth Wolff

Festival Director


1. Review festival 2009
2. Fringe programme 2009
3. Competition »Das beste deutsche Tanzsolo« (»Best German dance solo«)
4. Preview festival 2010
5. Unsubscription of newsletter
6. Imprint
7. Financing 2009

1. Review festival 2009

The euro-scene Leipzig took place from 03 to 08 November 2009 for the 19th time. Under the motto »Sonnenfinsternis« (»Eclipse of the sun«), the festival of contemporary European theatre, attended to the moments of an unusual situation, between danger and fear, the secret of darkness and the hope of a new light. All in all, 13 guest plays from 10 countries were shown in 25 performances and 10 theatre venues. About 7,800 spectators saw the performances of main and fringe programme with an utilisation of 96.4%.

Among the highlights were the guest plays shown by the Cullberg Ballet from Stockholm, with the dance play »Point of eclipse« by Johan Inger as festival opening, and by the Muziektheater Transparant, Antwerp, with »Ruhe« (»Repose«) by Josse De Pauw based on Schubert songs, sung by the renowned a cappella choir Collegium Vocale Gent. With standing ovations the audience acclaimed »Hamletas« (»Hamlet«) by Oskaras Korsunovas, Vilnius, and »Imagine-toi« (»Imagine«) with Julien Cottereau, Paris. The inventive installation ».h.g.« by Trickster Teatro, Lugano, for one spectator at a time, as well as Carte blanche by Sigrid Gareis, Vienna/Berlin, who invited Philipp Gehmacher and Milli Bitterli from Vienna with the lecture-performances »walk + talk«, were among the eight German premieres.

OKT Vilnius City Theatre / Oskaras Korsunovas
»Hamletas«, German premiere

Muziektheater Transparant, Antwerpen
»Ruhe« by Josse De Pauw

2. Fringe programme 2009

This year an extensive fringe programme was offered again. The video lectures »Auf Spitze und flacher Sohle« (»On a point and a flat sole«) about past and present of the Cullberg Ballet or »Hamlet – ein modernes Drama« (»Hamlet – a modern drama«) about different interpretations of Shakespeare's play by Dr. Martina Bako, Leipzig University, were received with great interest. Bernard Baumgarten, choreographer and head of the Centre de Création Chorégraphique Luxembourgeois / TROIS C-L, informed about »Der Tanz in Luxemburg« (»Dance in Luxembourg«). Jo Fabian gave a two-day workshop in »Katagraphie« (»Catagraphy«).

Especially the audience discussion »Festivals – Luxusartikel oder städtischer Motor« (»Festivals – luxury item or engine of the city«), at which the festival’s whole artistic advisory council – Sigrid Gareis, Vienna/Berlin, Maria Magdalena Schwaegermann, Berlin/Istanbul, Tilmann Broszat, Munich, Rolf Dennemann, Dortmund, and Klemens Wannenmacher, Berlin – as well as Michael Faber, Mayor for Culture of the city of Leipzig, discussed about sense and nonsense of festivals within urban communities, received a great response. Presenter was Prof. Dr. Günther Heeg, theatre scientist at Leipzig University.

Panel discussion with the artistic advisory council of the euro-scene Leipzig and Michael Faber, Mayor for Culture of the city of Leipzig

3. Competition »Das beste deutsche Tanzsolo« (»Best German dance solo«)

The competition »Das beste deutsche Tanzsolo« (»Best German dance solo«), based on a conception by Alain Platel, Ghent, took place for the 9th time within the euro-scene Leipzig. During an internal pre-selection René Reinhardt, artistic director of the competition, and festival director Ann-Elisabeth Wolff chose 22 participants out of 83 applicants from 12 countries for the final three public rounds on the legendary round table.

The 1st prize was awarded to Sahra Huby, Munich, for her solo »Elephantengedächtnis« (»Infallible memory«), choreography: Anna Konjetzky. The second prize went to Paloma Saskia Thorausch, Essen, for »5 Minuten Leben« (»5 minutes of life«), and the third prize went to Janine Schneider, Berlin, for »I, CENTER!«. The prize of the audience went to Wesley D’Alessandro from Hanover for his solo » … should have a chair«. The next competition is planned to take place within the euro-scene Leipzig 2011.

Sahra Huby, Munich »Elephantengedächtnis«
1st prize of the competition

4. Preview festival 2010

The euro-scene Leipzig will celebrate its 20th anniversary from 02 to 07 November 2010. It plans to show approx. 14 guest plays from 10 countries in about 10 venues and 25 performances as well as an extensive fringe programme. There will be a reunion with several artists who are particularly close to the festival and again many new discoveries. Patron of the festival will be Stanislaw Tillich, Prime Minister of the Free State of Saxony. The festival programme will be available as from early July 2010 under www.euro-scene.de.

Julien Cottereau, Paris

5. Unsubscription of Newsletter

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6. Imprint

Content and editing: Ann-Elisabeth Wolff / Christine Richter
English translation: Susanne Saalfeld
Photographers: Dmitrij Matvejev, Vilnius, Herman Sorgeloos, Brüssel, Rolf Arnold, Leipzig, Bernard-Michel Palazon, Paris
Graphic design: Dirk Baierlipp, Würzburgfertigungsbureau.de
Editorial deadline: 16.12.2009

The team of the
euro-scene Leipzig:

Presenter: Sächsischer Verein zur Förderung des kulturellen Austauschs nationaler und internationaler Tanz- und Theatergruppen e. V.

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info@euro-scene.de // www.euro-scene.de

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7. Financing 2009

Newsletter #01-2010 will be published at the end of June 2010.

© euro-scene Leipzig 2009

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